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Weed like to welcome you to The Bluff Dispensary. We are committed to the wellness of body and mind through the use of medical cannabis. We welcome qualified patients to discover and experience high quality cannabis products. The Bluff Dispensary is a modern cannabis dispensary that curates the most current medical marijuana products, information, and experiences in Oklahoma City.

The Vibe

When you walk into our medical cannabis dispensary, you can expect a stress-free experience. Our professionally trained and knowledgeable cannabis advisors offer personal and compassionate care with the goal of helping you reach a better quality of life. Our cannabis advisors can recommend the most effective cannabis solutions for your specific medical challenges. You’re able to roll in and roll out with ease.

Our Mission

To provide patients with a unique medical cannabis/marijuana experience that is tailored to each individual’s medical needs.


The cultivation of our products starts with our patients in mind. Our plants are carefully chosen for quality and potency. Our strains are artistically crafted to be as diverse as our group of patients. Every medical cannabis product we provide meets industry standard practices to ensure pure, safe, and natural products. The Bluff Dispensary offers top-shelf, high-terp, high-THC products, and more. Find all your favorite cannabis products and people at The Bluff Dispensary. A valid Oklahoma medical marijuana card is required to make a purchase.

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