What is marijuana?

Marijuana, aka cannabis, pot, weed, or dope refers to the dried flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds of the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant contains over 100 compounds, or cannabinoids, that include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Is marijuana medicine?

The marijuana plant has multiple compounds that may help symptoms for certain health problems. For example, the drug Epidiolex that is used to treat epilepsy, seizures, Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, contains purified cannabidiol (CBD) from the marijuana plant.

Is cannabidiol (CBD) the same thing as marijuana?

Marijuana refers to the dried flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds of the marijuana plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the compounds found in the plant, along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, it doesn’t cause a “high” on its own.

How is marijuana used?

Marijuana can be used a number of different ways but is mostly either smoked or eaten. It can be smoked in joints, which are like cigarettes, in blunts, which is similar o a cigar, or in a bong, which is a water pipe. Marijuana is also often infused into foods and drinks, creating an edible. Marjuana can also be inhaled using an electronic vaporizer. Marijuana can be extracted to make oils and concentrates that are vaped. 

What are the different forms of medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana comes in varying forms including pills, liquid, oil, powder, and dried leaves.

What does it mean by “strain”?

A marijuana strain is the type of classification that determines the plant’s chemical composition and appearance.

What is wax?

Wax is a form of concentrated marijuana. It is the purest cannabis product available, having between 82-99.7% of pure THC. Wax is several times more potent than buds directly from the marijuana plant.

What is kief?

Kief, aka cannabis crystals, dust, keef, or cheif, is the pure collection of loose cannabis trichomes. Kief is accumulated by the sifting of cannabis flowers of bud.


What is shatter?

Shatter is a cannabis extract that’s translucent and solid. Like glass.

What is tincture?

Tincture is highly concentrated herbal extracts that are most commonly in the form of oil. It is swallowed or absorbed under the tongue to help reduce anxiety, treat epilepsy, and relieve pain.

What is a pre-roll?

A pre-roll is a ready-to-go joint filled with marijuana that you can buy from a dispensary.

What is an edible?

An edible is a cannabis-infused food or drink.

What is a concentrate?

Concentrate is referring to any cannabis-derived product that’s potency exceeds the original bud. This means that it has the highest levels of THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant.


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Through our partnership with Weed Maps and OMMA, you can order online with us! Shop our selection of pre-rolls, flower, wax, concentrates, disposable & renewable dab pens with ease and pick it up from our storefront.

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Is it possible to “overdose” or have a “bad reaction” to marijuana?

Yes, it is possible for someone to “overdose” or have a “bad reaction”. A marijuana overdose, or the uncomfortable effects of dose-dependent marijuana toxicity include confusion, panic, fear, anxiety, rapid heart rate, nausea and vomiting, lethargy, and paranoia. 

Is it possible for someone to become addicted to marijuana?

Yes. Recent research has shown that 3 in 10 people who use marijuana have some sort of marijuana dependency disorder. This means that they are unable to stop using marijuana even though it is causing health and social problems. For more information about marijuana addiction, visit the addiction page on the CDC’s website.

What determines how marijuana affects a person?

Previous experience with marijuana or other drugs, genes, how often and how much of the drug is used, how the drug is taken, and if the drug is used with a combination of other substances are all factors that determine how marijuana affects a person.

What are the health risks of using marijuana?

For information about the health risks of using marijuana, visit the CDC’s website on health effects of marijuana

What are the effects of mixing marijuana with alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs?

Impairment can result from mixing marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, or other prescription drugs. Using marijuana and tobacco at the same time can lead to greater risks of the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Marijuana may change how prescription drugs work. Always talk to your doctor about medications you are taking or thinking about taking and the possible side effects when mixed with marijuana.

Can I smoke medical marijuana in public in Oklahoma?

Smoking and vaping medical marijuana in public in Oklahoma adheres to the same state laws that apply to smoking tobacco.

How much medical marijuana can I possess at any time in Oklahoma?

In the state of Oklahoma, the legal limit of marijuana possession is 3 ounces of marijuana on their person and up to 8 ounces in their residency.

Do I have to pay taxes on medical marijuana in Oklahoma?

Yes. All medical marijuana products are taxed. In Oklahoma specifically, medical marijuana products are subject to a 7% excise tax and a 4.5% statewide sales tax.

What are the legal ways to transport medical marijuana from the dispensary to my house?

According to Oklahoma Medical marijuana Authority (OMMA), “A transporter agent license allows individual employees/owners/agents to transport medical marijuana on behalf of a licensed transporter, including growers, processors, dispensaries and stand-alone transporters.” Learn more about how to legally transport cannabis in Oklahoma, on the OMMA website.

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